# Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Heck.. people are even starting to make fun of it.

But like I mentioned in my rant about LUA, it's a necessary evil moving forward for a more secured system. And if the you keep seeing the LUA box pop up while running a program, more often than not you can thank the developer for trying to access parts of your system that he shouldn't be accessing in the first place.

From here on out programs should start playing more nicely with the system, and the constant haggling of LUA will become a thing of the past and become what it was meant to be. An additional layer of protection against unscrupulous people.

One thing that I must stress though, as much as LUA is a pain in the ass, it never gets as irritating as what the ad tries to imply during normal use. If you keep getting a LUA prompt on every other action you do, it's either you're mucking around in the system folders, the program you're using isn't playing nice, or you have something running in the background that's not doing nice things to your system.

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