# Saturday, 26 February 2011

I’ve been hooking up my phone and my various portable players to my car audio system through the use of a preamp and a couple of cables, something which I’m sure a few people also do, anyway I end up with the setup below.


One of the problems that I was facing was that if I charged my device at the same time through the cigarette socket, there would be this ANNOYING hum that seem to be in sync with my engine. That has caused me a lot of headache since it meant that I can’t charge my device as well as listen to it at the same time, which is disastrous when it’s the phone we’re talking about. Even when I can stomach the humming noise, Wife Acceptance Factor is obviously very very VERY low with an annoying hum in the background.

Then I saw this thing hanging on a rack recently.


This is the Kensington Noise-Reducing AUX Audio Cable it caught my eye because on the box it specifically said it’ll reduce the car engine humming noise. I figured I’ve got nothing more to lose anyway so I bought it and here are the results.

And it worked as advertised! No more annoying humming while charging means I can enjoy more music on the go then. Highly recommended if you’re facing the same problem with your audio setup.

On further research of the car humming problem (which I was spurred to do after so many years by this purchase) it would seem that this is most likely something called a ground loop isolator, and as such you could probably buy a cheaper unit in some audio equipment shop if you know what you’re looking for.

ps. I don’t have audiophile ears or equipment so I wouldn’t know how much signal degradation is happening through the use of this cable.

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