# Saturday, 25 November 2006

So, I grabbed a new hard disk for the fried one on the Shuttle MCE that was fried 2 weeks back. Then I decided what the heck let me just slap in Windows Vista Home Premium Edition for the MCE duties now and see how Vista performs as a normal home system since I can't seem to use it on my developer system. (More on that some later)

The most interesting thing which I wanted to try out was a point made by someone on the team that the setup time for Windows Vista would be around 20 mins, and boy did it. I came back home from work, slapped the hard disk into the hard disk holding cage of the Shuttle. (It's a very neat design, only thing is that the cage is like.. milimeters above the hard disk air hole hope it doesn't cover it too much) Popped in the installation CD, started off the installation, went to take my bath and came down to a spanking new installation of Windows Vista.

Wow... that's fast!

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