# Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Only recently from the last few years did I finally figure out the beauty of duct tape. And now I have found yet another versatile tool/construction material that is very useful in repairs/hacking stuff. Epoxy putty! Here's what I'm using it for.


What's so cool about epoxy putty? When you start to use it, it's like Play Doh. Then after a few minutes (which can be a good or bad thing) it starts hardening into something rock hard. This makes it good for repairing holes in items, reshaping stuff, etc. etc.

My most recent use was when I had to do some exploratory surgery on the wheel of WZ's old baby stroller. After I was done, I realized that the hole I left in the hub cap was a water risk so I plug the hole with epoxy putty and it's sealed up perfectly again!

Wonder what other weird stuff I can do with this?

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