# Monday, 26 April 2010

One of the things I felt was a problem with my blog was that the comments were disconnected from any sort of notification since.. well I didn't sign up for anything like that anyway. And lo and behold, Facebook goes and makes some nice commenting plugins that allows any Facebook user to comment and well.. it'll be easier to get in touch with people who are commenting I guess.

This shouldn't slow down the page TOO MUCH, just increase the bandwidth consumed.. hahahaha.

EDIT: Ok.. interesting.. if I put the comment box in the front page, the posts to the news stream would not have any link info at all. Therefore I changed my custom DasBlog macro so that on the front page it only shows the LIKE button which points to the exact link of the post, and when people are viewing the actual post THEN only the comment box appears.

Note that you can Post As GUEST as well.
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