# Thursday, 08 February 2007

The Wii is a nice little console. It offers a unique gamer experience, and for the first time it's very easy for people to learn to play certain games. And anyone who sees it in action always has the urge to try it, and the best thing is? Depending on the games some might be very easy to play no matter how much gamer experience you have.

Gears Of War on the Xbox 360 is a fanatastic game, and everytime my mother watches me play she will comment on how nice the graphics look, and how bloody things get. But my mother would never even begin to understand how to work a controller to play GOW.

But when I'm playing Wii Bowling, it's easy to let my mother to try out the game. All I have to do is to tell her which button to release to let the ball go and she's able to bowl more or less like she's playing the real thing. Same goes for Wii boxing, when I let my colleagues try out my Wii, the first question they ask was "which button do I press to punch?" I love it when I can answer "Just act like you're beating down your worse enemy"

Then one of them started punching like a girl, so delicate and soft, so soft until the Wiimote couldn't even pick up the punch motion!

But one thing's for sure, everyone who tried out the Wii really felt like getting one of their own cause of how fun it was, and also how simple it would be to play with their children I guess. ;)

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