# Wednesday, 24 September 2008

When I posted this video of Sony Malaysia's Ooopsie during the local PS3 launch.

Then I tipped Kotaku about the video since they reported about our local launch I thought they might as well be told about the little blooper.

Seeing the comments and effect after that was interesting. The Sony fanboys got defensive, the Nintendo fanboys starting thumping their chests. But of course there are also sane people who pieced together the fact that since the launch had Soul Calibur 4 fronting it, it's very likely that someone choose the Zelda theme from a Best Of Soul Calibur soundtrack CD, which in Soul Calibur 2, featured Link on the Gamecube version.

It took about 2 days before the first accusation that I dubbed over the music. Kinda thought that would have happened sooner. Some people feel that the fact that there's a volume difference between the MC and the background music, hence there must be something a foot. But the volume difference is because I'm just using a simple handheld camera to record and these things like to play with the microphone gain depending on what it hears. Also the MC's microphone and the music source must be piped through a mixer and hence have different volume settings.

But I was most surprised when I heard that the clip was shown on XPLAY!! It's at the end of the clip.

Having the incident cataloged on the Internet is one thing, but to have it be broadcast on television, doomed to be repeated to the masses over and over again? That's an interesting thought.

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