# Wednesday, 04 March 2009

Ever since I started carrying duct tape around I've been keeping an eye out for the various types of duct tape. First you have the typical chapalang brand duct tape roll which you can buy in any hardware shop.


These costs about RM3 per roll, and they get the job done if all you need is something tough to stick stuff together or make some repairs. Then there's the errr... good stuff. The premium branded duct tape.


These are made by the brand name companies like 3M and Duck. These cost about RM11 a roll, what's the difference between this and the cheap stuff? The tape feels tougher, the glue density is higher, and they don't have that weird smell which the cheap tape has.

So there's the good stuff and then there's the PREMIUM STUFF!!! Which is exactly what I found over at an ACE Hardware store.


This is 3M's Transparent Duct Tape, it's not fully transparent cause the tape threads are visible. But.. according to the packaging on the tape it's "Less visible than other heavy duty tapes" Well considering that duct tape is usually non transparent. Even a transparency of 5% is less visible than other heavy duty tapes. Oh.. it's also supposed to be more tougher than other ordinary tapes. The price you pay for this premium tape? RM41, the price I paid due to a price labeling mistake? RM30.

Then I also saw this weird stuff hanging on the rack.


A SCREAMING NEON PINK colored, pre flatten roll of duct tape. The surface itself feels different, while other tapes feel plasticky, this one feels like cloth. This product is called EXTREME Duct Tape, guess the product name and color doesn't help with customer acceptance since they were practically throwing these away at RM1.95.

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