# Monday, 01 September 2008

August 31st is Malaysia's independence day, and for some reason I decided to stop and take a closer look at my grandfather's World War 2 medals.

The descriptions you see in the slide show above came from medals.org.uk, I realize that it's very hard to manual focus on such fine details, not getting a perfect picture on the left most medal.

The medals aren't for any special acts of bravery or anything like that. It just shows that my grandfather, fought protecting his family and adopted homeland for much of his life. According to my mother he was severly wounded and almost got thrown out with the garbage on one occasion.

It's a pity while he was around I did not realize what he had gone through, I guess I'm embarassed that I never even asked about his past. It was only after he passed away and the medals were taken out of his drawers that I found out that he fought in the war.

He was an immigrant to this country, but he put his life on the line to fight for his family, and for his adopted home.

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