# Monday, 23 October 2006

Here we go.. first post accompanied by a recorded video, how fitting that it is about gadgets that play video.

I have a few devices that are quite capable at playing video files, first of all I have my phone that Dopod 838 Pocket PC Phone, which is able to play moderate bitrate MPEG4 files, then there's the Creative Zen Vision media player which is quite capable at playing any MPEG4 video file, as long as it only has an MP3 audio stream. Then lastly there's the Nintendo DS with the Play Yan media player add on, this thing plays a very specifically encoded MPEG4 video file.

Of all these, the only thing I use for playing videos on the go is the Zen Vision. Why? Cause it was MEANT to play videos, also it plays almost everything that I throw at it without having to go through the hassle of reencoding the video.

I don't use my phone for video because first of all, it's very likely I'd have to reencode the video before it can be played on the device and more importantly I don't want to waste my battery power on it.

I don't use my Nintendo DS for videos because I use it for games instead, the Play Yan is used only in a pinch if I know I want to have a video fix cause first of all I have to reencode the videos before I can use it on the Play Yan and secondly I don't have that big an SD card!

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