# Wednesday, 11 July 2007

So you had the gutso to run your own business, that's great! Good for you!

Just remember to keep every single business transaction and client obligation in SIGNED BLACK AND WHITE DOCUMENTS!!! Because if ever anything turns sour you at least have evidence of what the client went wrong, that you didn't under deliver etc. etc. Also if you want to keep your path of income open and not allow them to give the source to some other person to enhance it for them, state it in the contract.

And in a case where the client DOES run off to some other provider, DON'T out of spite log into the clients system and delete the program from their servers, especially if the client has ALREADY PAID YOU!

That's why a document trail is necessary, so when push comes to shove you can sic a lawyer at them or make sure you can't be sic'ed by their lawyer!

(That said, a good lawyer can pretty much win any case! :P)

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