# Thursday, 08 April 2010

The Apple iPad was just launched a few days ago and people are constantly comparing it with other touch enabled Windows 7 PCs like the Lenovo S10-3T and constantly saying the Windows 7 pales compared to the iPad even with all it's touch features. Well let me just say it for you in simple terms.

Windows 7 Touch Will NEVER Be Better Than The Apple iPad

The main reason is because while the Apple iPad was DESIGNED (ok.. imported from the iPhone) to be operated exclusively using touch. Windows 7 was not. Windows 7's touch features were added in order to allow both users and system builders to build PCs whose only form of input might be touch only NOT to redesign the entire OS to be operated exclusively by touch.

And even if the OS was redesigned to be fully operated by touch only, one of the main complaints that is heard by users who tried using Windows 7 using a touch interface is that the apps aren't designed for touch operation and Microsoft should have made the apps more touch friendly. The one question to ask those people is that WHERE do they draw the line on which apps Microsoft should work on? This is Windows we're talking about, an OS that has DECADES worth of old applications, and any one of them might be used on these touch only Windows 7 PCs.

The key point to remember is that with the touch enhancements that is present in Windows 7, Microsoft is not trying to make an OS that exclusively works via touch interaction. But rather it's to provide a platform for developers to create apps that are designed for touch interaction, and more importantly to allow users to use as many of their applications as possible even though the apps are NOT MEANT FOR TOUCH OPERATION. And in this area the touch enhancements present in Windows 7 do a pretty good job and I want to show this very least understood area of Windows 7 soon.

So to take a platform that's designed for touch like the iPad and then say that a general purpose OS like Windows 7 will never be as touch friendly as the iPad is just ridiculous. And you're not comparing Apples to Apples... and that always sounds funny when talking about Apple products.

More on this topic soon.

UPDATE If you want to find out how to optmize your Touch Enabled Windows 7 PC, check this page out!

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