# Sunday, 01 March 2009

In conjunction with the launch of SF4, some people got together to organize one of the largest Street Fighter 4 Tournaments in Malaysia at Cineleisure during the weekend.


Personally I'd think they could have just called it "The Largest Street Fighter IV Playstation 3 Tournament" and gotten away with it. In keeping with the theme the main MC was dressed up as Ryu.


Then there was a Sakura as well.


And there was a Chun Li in the opertaions committee too. But her job seems to be "Give prizes to people who answered questions properly during quiz time"


Quote of the day came from Ryu who said "You can take Chun Li home.... with her consent, but Sakura? She's Miiiiinnnneeeee!"

Even though I play SF4 but I choose not to join the competition for a few reasons. First of all was that they were playing on a PS3, and ever since I got SF4, I have never REALLY played on the 360 pad, let alone a PS3 pad. So I would be on a disadvantage without my PornStick. You were allowed to bring your own sticks. And seems like a few people took up the offer.


QUITE a few people...


Imagine walking into a shopping mall and seeing a few people doing this...


That's how you know there's an Street Fighter competition happening.

And that's the 2nd reason I didn't join the competition, while I may not be totally lost at SF4. I'd probably be raped by people who INTEND to enter competitions. And I'm already being raped when I face off people on Live, no sense getting raped in public.

The 3rd reason is that the entrance fee to the tournament was RM25! This is inclusive of a goodie bag which contains a number of freebies. But all the freebies in the world couldn't account for one thing that the price of admission included... 2 tickets to watch Street Fighter : The Legend Of Chun Li. And that's the MAIN reason why I decided not to join the tournament, there was NO WAY IN HELL that I was doing ANYTHING to tell Hollywood that I support the creation of crappy game to movie adaptions!

On a side note....



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