# Monday, 26 November 2007

So... Vista it is then. First thing was to cut down on the installation beef with VLite, optional stuff like movie maker.. calculator... the shitload of preloaded drivers. One thing which I couldn't cut out was the chinese language files, if I'm not mistaken both Simplified and Traditional EACH took up about 340MB.

First Try!

Accidentally removed the Aero UI theme... didn't realized it was tied to the Aero Glass feature. :P But.. everything else worked fine, all drivers went in, no unknown devices left in Device Manager. Followed the instructions provided by Paul over at Modaco to try and move the WinSxS folder to my puny 2GB SD card, but somehow I had 109MB of files left over which I can't delete from the hard drive.

On a side note, if the webcam is disabled in BIOS, Windows doesn't see it, yet the default Xandros could.. must be some other way that it communicates with it.

2nd Try!

Ok.. got Aero in this time, but I accidentally left out Windows Image Acqusation... so the WEBCAM drivers didn't work! Shit!!! Haven't done the WinSxS move this time. Tested out video playback.. well.. it works, but no miracles on the H.264 side.. the processor just can't make it. I'm not even gonna try moving the WinSxS folders this time.

OK.. 3rd time is probably the charm.. making the image is a painful and time consuming task...

On a side note... things to get.. 4GB or 8GB SDHC card... 1GB of RAM (Although this probably isn't necessary but it more RAM would cut down on the page file swaps and less load on the SSDs)

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