# Sunday, 07 March 2010

I still remember taking this picture.


This was in 2008, WZ was just slightly over a year old then but he wanted to try and drive. And now...

Soon... soon...

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Sunday, 07 March 2010 03:47:00 (Malay Peninsula Standard Time, UTC+08:00)
wow, just found out ur blog when i looking 4 local content about lenovo s10-3t. r u born in 1974 or born in the year of tiger? cos we have so much in command. kidult who love nerf guns. dream of putting a media pc in car n hoke with ice 4 5.1 theater surround in car experience. love hate relation ship with acer product. experience miscarriage last year n it was ectopic pregnancy 4 my wife. i guess u also dream of owning a lighsaber, am i right? haha...
in case u still have time n interest 2 mod ur vulcan, here is a link 2 help u out. http://sgnerf.blogspot.com/ under >>Nerf Mod Guides! or http://www.modworks.blogspot.com/
as 4 media carputer, i used 2 dream of putting hp tx2 with ram system (http://www.ram-mount.com/ which once available in lowyatt plaza) 2 secure it. cos can power it from cigaratte power adapter 4 long hour operation from hp website but i'm not sure they still carry it or not. n hp have updated the model 2 hp tm2.
btw, have u come across this Acer Aspire Timeline 1820P? it's the new ideal model fit 4 carputer. win7 64bits can max out ram 2 8gb (2x4gb). good potential model 4 carputer. hope can c u b the 1st local guinea pig who experience with it. we need u 2 find out the answer 4 those who have this same crazy ideas. as 4 the wii dont give up hope on it early cos i'm playing Nerf: N-Strike Elite n Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles with my 5 yrs old daily. hope the info r useful 2 u as you info r very usefull 2 me.
Sunday, 07 March 2010 21:35:38 (Malay Peninsula Standard Time, UTC+08:00)
Hi there, well I heard of the stuff you're talking about. And yes, the ideal carputer is actually a convertible tablet PC, like the S10-3T or the Acer you're talking about. I've decided not to mod any of my Nerf until my son is old enough to not hurt himself with it. :P

If you want to run a notebook in the car, you don't need to get a special car charger anymore, remember that with in inverter you can do that already. http://bit.ly/cZi4up
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