# Tuesday, 25 December 2012

For the past year, every few months, this appears in one of the plants in front of my house.


I seriously have no idea why they choose our house for it, but they've been back more than once already! Today evening my wife mentioned to me that the parent birds were busy chirping and flying around in the foyer. Upon closer inspection we realized that a little baby bird was on the ground trying to fly. We didn't pay much attention to them lest we interrupted their circle of life moment until after a while I noticed that one of the parent birds was constantly peering into the storm drain near the foyer.

The storm drain is covered, but there was a small crack on it. Fearing the worst I lifted the heavy slab of concrete covering the drain, to be greeted by the butt of the little bird peering inside the storm pipe. I still didn't want to interrupt their lesson so I left the cover open and see what the parents would do.

They didn't do much, at one point one of the birds seem like they wanted to entice the little one out with food.


It was then I decided that I'll screw with the chain of natural selection and scoped the little bird out of the pipe and put it on the ground near it's nest. I think the parental birds approved...


While I was moving the baby bird I had a chance to take a closer shot of it.


For those who'd like an EXTRA close look at it here's a Zoom.It version of the original photo.

Eventually the little bird ended up back in the foyer on a shoe.


The 'training regime' was interesting to see. Basically one bird was closer to the baby bird.


And repeatedly flew and hovered in front of the baby bird and eventually baby would try it a few times. Meanwhile, the other parent bird would stand as overwatch. Probably keeping an eye out for predators.


They basically kept doing this.

Guess it worked, since the birds were gone when I came back from dinner. Now there's ONE more little chick left in the nest..

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