# Saturday, 30 August 2008

100% Synthy!!! Means no pictures where wasted, you can check out my games collection, inspect Haruhi and Yuki, and look at my Xbox 360 (the tape is to stop WZ from pressing the power button!)

I showed my wife this and she repeated the same question "Why would anyone go through all this trouble normally?" Correction, one person would not be able to get enough pictures to stitch together a proper synth. But, let's see you were part of a tour group, and at the end of the trip you collect everyone's digital cameras and put all the pictures together, you might get some unexpected results.

After I mention that to her I came across this blog post from the Photosynth team that explains how to best nab a scenario like this.. wedding photography! It short it recommends that you get one person to take pictures that are meant to be thrown into photosynth and then add photos of every other camera and mix it in the synth to get the best results.

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