# Wednesday, 05 December 2012

So after a reschedule on the account of the plague affecting the family, we finally managed to make it to Legoland Malaysia.


Some might notice that the 18 month old WH is not in the picture. Let me put it bluntly, it's an open air theme park in South East Asia. You're either under threat of sun burn, or a thunder storm, do you REALLY want to bring a small little kid there?

When you first arrive to Legoland Malaysia here are a few tip which I found out when I was there

  • The entrance to Legoland is actually behind a giant mall, if you're parking in the closest car park lot next to the mall, you have to go through it to get to the Legoland entrance.
  • The open air parking lot is an open field multi column affair, when I went there at the time of the post. THERE ARE NO INDICATORS to help you remember where you parked. I wished I figured that out BEFORE I left the parking lot and looked back into the sea of cars and realized... I DON'T KNOW WHERE I PARKED!!
  • Buy your tickets online before hand, you don't want to waste time queuing up at the ticket booth. Do take note that some of the promo free tickets you can get might have some conditions that can't be used with online tickets.

So.. what is there to see in Legoland? Well.. of course there's the large cityscapes and other scenes made with Lego.


As much as I wanted to take pictures of every last building here, WZ got EXTREMELY cranky after mommy told him to pose for a picture for the Nth time!

Like any theme park, there're a number of attraction zones and rides for you to enjoy.


Like any theme park on a weekend, the queuing can get CRAAAAZY...


Especially for the more popular or simple rides where the whole family can go on without restriction.

There seems to be 2 types of things you can enjoy in Legoland which Rides and Experiences. Rides are stuff like the roller coasters, kiddie rides and such.


Experiences would be the Building camps, driving school, etc. etc. which they talk about on the website and the brochures. I didn't manage to check those out because 1. WZ still couldn't be bothered by stuff like that. 2. WZ was extremely cranky walking around in the heat.

It's important to note that even though you have to buy a child ticket for any kid age 3 and up. Most of the rides require a height minimum of 100CM for the safety equipment to work properly


WZ is 110CM... The Dragon roller coaster has a height limit of 100CM and an AGE limit of 6 years old. WZ is 5 years old... Moral of the story is that you need to be aware of these kind of restrictions before taking your child to a place like this or you'll be wasting precious time and money.

Aside from the height and age limitations, remember that this is Malaysia so remember this when you want to go to any open air theme park.

If the sun isn't out to burn you to death, it means that a storm is coming!

So bring an umbrella to protect you against the elements, and if it's the rainny season, bring a poncho or something. If not, Legoland is well equipped to save you.


It was an enjoyable trip. Wished we could play more, wished WZ could be less cranky, but I guess that'll would change in a few years Smile with tongue out

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