# Friday, 22 June 2007

The first digital camera I ever gotten had this nifty trick which aided in to taking multiple images to form a wide panoramic image, though after taking said images I'd had to use another program to stitch it together since technology then didn't allow the camera to have enough memory to perform the stitching onboard.

It was a neat trick which I liked having around... and lo and behold... the new HTC camera program in my Dopod C730 also has such panoramic functionality!


Yes.. my place is a dump.. and, note the ghost images near the connection parts. To take good panoromic images it is essential that when you pivot to take the next picture, you pivot using the camera lens's center and not on your feet.

Why the fark am I interested in such old tech? Probably because I haven't seen it in use for a while and I'm getting nostalgic over what I used before and what is possible now.

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