# Sunday, 08 July 2007

My wife slapped me in the chest waking me up from my sleep. "WHERE'S WZ!!!??!?!" She screamed. You see, WZ sleeps between us on our bed. But he's a lousy sleeper so he ends up all over the place, at the foot of the bed, the head, in my wife's face, etc. etc.

I scanned the bed in front of me, sure enough.. WZ was missing! This wasn't good, we were always afraid that WZ might roll off the bed, so we bought some bed railings and cordoned off most off the gaps, it should have protected him from most falls. More importantly... if WZ DID fall, and he didn't cry when he did... that would be VERY VERY BAD.

As I was about to freak out, I felt something on my back (I was sleeping on my side) I carefully turned around and.. there was WZ, sleeping VERY SOUNDLY. Heck, his pacifier was still in his mouth!

The question now was how did he get over there? One theory was that he crawled over me, but if he crawled over me, he'd have to fall onto the area beside me, and there's no way the pacifier would stay there. He couldn't have crawled the LONG way around me cause... the way he moves, the pacifier would never stay in his mouth. The 3rd possibility is that I sleep walked.. moved him over beside me and forgot all about it.

And that's scary!

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