# Saturday, 04 March 2006

I woke up this morning with the thought of zero internet connectivity during the weekend hanging over my head. Then my brother told me that he saw some wires dangling from the back of the roof yesterday but didn't figure it had anything to do with our net problems. So I walk behind the house and sure enough there was some wires dangling on the roof and I traced where they went and they lead to a telephone pole, with a guy working on it.

I asked him what was up and he mentioned that he was replacing cable wiring, I left him to his work and 10 minutes later he yelled from the back alley through my kitchen asking me to check the phone and I rushed upstairs and saw on my router the net connection light blinking with activity!!!

YESSS!!! I got my net connection back!!!!

So maybe my poor net connection wasn't TMNut's fault, maybe it was the cable all along...



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