# Thursday, 04 March 2010

Kids around my part of the world most likely would know about Masked Rider, basically it's a super hero that fights monsters on a weekly basis, and it has been around for a long long time. The main thing that made it cool for us kids was the transformation belts which the heroes wore, or drivers as they are called. So anyway here's a video of the latest Kamen Rider Double's transformation sequence.

And now... this is how the TOY works.

It pretty much works EXACTLY THE SAME!!! I was really surprised as to how similar it was compared to the one depicted in the show. And then there's the detail of the thing.


It looks almost exactly the same to me. Even the memory modules in the show also look just like the toy. Down to the visible speaker at the top of the unit.


Such good design and detail leads me to one question.


Which came first? The toy or the prop? Cause I think it's sure possible that they designed the toy, ensured how it works. Then made use of the thing in the show. What an impressive way to make a toy which every Kamen Rider watching kid would want!


It's not like I can wear the thing!

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