# Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Well, I finally managed to release my first Windows Phone 7 game on the Marketplace, the Bullet Hell Simulator. While I rushed and put the thing on Marketplace BEFORE I had properly finished it and would most likely suffer for it, let's take a look at the evolution of the idea.

First there was the concept of shooting lots of stuff that randomly popped on screen.

Then after much background work, the core engine came up which allowed the creation of sprites that were controlled using an XML markup script.

Then finally.. version 1.0 of the program. Which was quite a mess because of the rambutan shaped enemy bullets, the fact that I accidentally DOUBLED the enemy bullet hit radius. Difficulty levels that didn't change the difficulty much, you couldn't actually die or be notified that your performance sucked, etc. etc.

And now... version 1.1 with shield blast gimmick, some enemy tweaks and balancing, difficulty levels that actually make the game easier on easy.

I wonder if I'll find time to document my XML based movement script? :P

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