# Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I picked up another Nerf gun to add to my little arsenal, this time it's the Nerf Vortex Vigilon


The main difference about this line of guns is the name VORTEX, Vortex guns don't shoot darts, Vortex guns shoots little foam discs.


The fact that the discs are basically little frisbees shows in their flight performance, they coast and float through the air easily covering the length of a living room, and are quite accurate though at long ranges due to their disc shape it'll start veering off to the side.

The Vigilon is a great gun to pelt play with your children, mainly due to how you load the gun.


It doesn't use an ammo magazine like the bigger guns, but rather a built in compartment. The cool and useful thing about this is that at any point in time while you're chasing your son around firing discs at him you can just open up the door and reload the gun at any thing, very convenient and leads to less downtime while reloading and letting son get an opening for a counter attack.

One thing to note is that the disc do hit a bit harder than darts due to the heavier nature, mommy complained a bit about it but I think it's mostly because immediately after she said "You're hurting WH by shooting him!" I shot her...

If you are interested in a Nerf gun that shoots little foam discs, you can't go wrong with the Vigilon it's not too expensive and holds 5 discs for the thrill of rapid fire. Highly recommended!

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