# Monday, 13 August 2007

Can't believe I missed this last week. 2 updates have been released for Windows Vista which you should probably install ASAP. The updates haven't been pushed to Windows Update yet so that's why you still don't see it in the update list. They are:-

  • Performance And Reliability Update :- Fixes some performances issues, most importantly on the list of fixes... When you copy or move a large file, the "estimated time remaining" takes a long time to be calculated and displayed. Oh THANK GOD!!! Installed and tried this already, seem to be doing it's job properly. But... on my PC a little QUIRK happened... EVERY account I had on the system seem to have been duplicated, so at first I had 2 accounts on my login screen but now I have 2 of EACH account. I think it has something to do with my fingerprint reader cause the additional accounts seem to be grouped under an Other Credentials button in the login screen. Not to mention in my users list on my PC it still just shows 2 users only. This quirk didn't happen on my colleague's PC which didn't have an additional form of login authentication, ie. A Fingerprint reader.
  • Compatibility And Reliability Update :- This seem to fix compatibility problems with other programs, haven't tried this yet. Can't say I've run into any of the problems listed though.

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