# Saturday, 28 July 2012

Just watched the epic Batman : The Dark Knight Rises movie this morning while it’s a great show to watch I can’t help but rant about a few glaring problems in the movie. Obviously if you haven’t watched the movie yet, you need to stop reading now cause it’s gonna be filled with spoilers!






Bruce Wayne has been broken after years of being the Batman. In the movie you keep hearing Bruce Wayne’s friends talk about how being the Batman has broken him through the years. But here’s the problem, unless I’m missing something, they also mentioned that the night of Harvey Dent’s murder was the last time Batman was in action. And he wasn’t a wreck then was he? My wife’s opinion? Maybe he fell down that large flights of stairs in his mansion!

Bruce Wayne knocks up with a woman with ZERO character development. And the audience is NOT supposed to think she’s evil? Especially after how Bruce Wayne keeps saying how much he trusts her? Her being Talia was a surprise (and them shacking up is probably just for the fans) her backstabbing the Batman? Not so much.

Incompetent police tactics. Throughout the movie this happens all the time.

ALL active police were sent down the sewers, ALL of them, down a sewer, WITHOUT a proper means of maintaining radio contact. Even when Gordon has already seen that there's at least a small platoon of armed thugs down there!

What was Gotham's finest plan for assaulting a dug in building where the thugs were armed with automatic weapons AND a couple of light tanks? An single column infantry charge straight down the wide open street straight at the building. If the Batman didn't take out the Thumblers first how stupid would that action be?

But did that accomplish much? They just keep standing out in the open street shooting people, forget about looking for cover! But then again I guess they weren't too scared about the capability of the thugs because.

Incomptent thug tactics: Seriously... how is the audience supposed to believe that a whole column of police officers can gather on the main street in front of the enemy base through the night and NOT have any one of the perimeter guards notice when his taking a smoking break or something?

Pet peeve: Why wasn't Blake's real name Terry?

Bonus Point Of Useless Knowledge

I'll now spoil every movie that you're going to see from this point on. After you read the next paragraph and do what's mentioned on it, you'll never be able to watch a movie the same way again and most likely lose all sense of suspense in certain movies. So go away if you don't want that to happen, but if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes...

*dramatic pause*

Look up the term Chekhov's Gun on the internet. Examples

  • Fusion core
  • Flooding capability of the reactor
  • Lack of auto pilot

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