# Tuesday, 22 September 2009

"I thought you said you DIDN'T have a problem!" said my wife. She was refering to the tommy gun lookalike that I was pelting WZ with.


This is the Nerf Raider CS-35 Nerf gun. It's claim to fame first of all is it's unique drum magazine.


This little baby holds 35 darts! Actually as I was looking at how the darts are laid out in the drum.


There shouldn't be a problem loading 5 more inside the drum to have a nice round 40 darts inside the thing. This means it can hold more rounds than the Nerf Vulcan! I find it interesting how the darts will just line up into the chambers when all I'm doing is just pushing them in without regard.

The fact that the drum extrudes from the side means you'll need to balance the gun while you're holding it, which I guess could be a problem if you were playing with it for extended periods. Still... it's MUCH LIGHTER than the Vulcan of course.

The second more important feature of the Raider is that, if you can pump it fast enough you can achieve the firing rate of the Vulcan... WITHOUT the use of batteries. How it works is simple, you just pump the gun like normal by pulling the front handle back.


And then push it forward to load a dart from the drum and prime the gun. (The drum is removed in this pic in case you're wondering where it went)


Then you pull the trigger to shoot. To achieve semi-auto fire, you hold down the trigger and then PUMP THE GUN LIKE NO TOMORROW and watch the gun vomit darts at your target as fast as you can pump it. The speed and strength at which I pump the gun with just makes me wonder sometimes.... How much CAN this thing take?  It really feels like I'm torturing the gun to it's breaking point when ever I just let it rip.

As I empty the barrel for the first time I realized 2 things. First of all, the Raider OUT PERFORMS the Vulcan. The Raider can shoot just as far as the standard N-Finder where as the Vulcan has about half the effective range. Means it can shoot darts FAR AND FAST. The 2nd thing I realized was that damn.. I have to pick up 35 darts from the floor now!!! The other problem for me was that the drum magazine can only accept Nerf streamline darts, which means no suction tip darts, which means darts fly everywhere after hitting something. Which has been an interesting experience since I can find darts that roll under the chair or something.

To help stabilize the gun as you are laying down suppression fire, Nerf was nice enough to give an extendable rear shoulder stock.


So you can use it to hold your aim steady while you're pelting a target. It should be interesting to note that I have to use the stock at NO EXTENSION in order to be able to grip the gun properly, so if my arm length is their idea of SMALLEST.. what's LARGEST?

So... would I recommend this to people who are looking to buy a Nerf gun that spits out darts fast? Let's have the list of questions

  • Do you want a gun that shoots almost as fast as the Vulcan using just your arms?
  • Do you want a gun that shoots as fast as a Vulcan yet can shoot FURTHER than a Vulcan?
  • Do you want a rapid fire gun that's lighter than the Vulcan?
  • Do you want a gun that holds more darts than a Vulcan?
  • Do you want a gun that's CHEAPER than the Vulcan?

Yes.. the Raider is CHEAPER than the Vulcan, not by much, by enough to make someone go.. "The Raider seems to be everything the Vulcan is, but better, more convenient and cheaper!" Definitely worth it if you're looking to rapid fire someone into submission with Nerf darts.

Oh.. one extra point to take into consideration if you're buying this for a child, it's possible that their arms might not be long enough to continuously pump it to autofire. At the very least, WZ can't do it... but then he's only 2.5 years old.

Oh.. and here's a short video clip.

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