# Saturday, 05 November 2011

Now, before you get too excited if you came in here following a search query. I have a very specific scenario that I’m trying to solve. And the solution isn’t as simple as getting Live Mesh to directly work with a folder in removable storage.

The situation is this, on my main machine for mobile use. My sweet Fujitsu T580 I don’t store any of my user documents on the hard drive. Instead as mentioned in this previous post when I was using the Asus T101MT, I choose to store the files in a BitLocker’ed SD Card. In part due for security purposes, and also because I only got a 32GB SSD for the T580, so the SD Card offloads some of the storage duties from the SSD.

So after a while I decided I wanted to use Live Mesh to keep some files synced between the T580 and my main work laptop. Then of course the problem arised namely.

Windows Live Mesh doesn’t support synching a folder on a removable device.

So I thought cheat the system like what I did with OneNote and use MKLINK to redirect a folder on C to the SD card. But Live Mesh was going to have none of that and complained about it.

I didn’t want to sync the data to the SSD since I didn’t want to break the nice little setup I had on the T580 where my main user files were all on the SD card. So I didn’t think too much of it until I suddenly had an inspired idea yesterday.

What if I synched a folder within a Virtual Disk File (VHD) that’s sitting in the SD card?

One little problem with the setup is that Live Mesh fails spectacularly when the VHD isn’t mounted when you start the program, but other than that little caveat… I DID manage to sync files on a USB drive to Live Mesh, albeit I did it in a very indirect manner.

I’m not posting the actual steps here because

  1. I don’t think anyone else has the same usage scenario as I do
  2. If they did, they should know about how to create and mount a VHD file

If anyone actually wants the steps to get this going, drop a note in the comment area then.

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