# Sunday, 17 October 2010

Recently I came into possession of two wireless keyboards which might be of interest to some people. The first one is this little guy.


This is the Cideko Wireless Keyboard, small and compact little guy which looks like any normal wireless keyboard. But then you’ll notice something, why is there a key with a mouse in the upper left corner. And then when you look at the top of the keyboard.


It has buttons, but WHERE’S the mouse control? This is because the Cideko is what people like to call an air mouse. Which in plain English means you tilt the mouse to control the cursor. The problem here is that the tilting of the keyboard is very errr… unnatural in some cases, I guess I’ll have to make a video for a better example of that. It really isn’t as nice or useful as it should be.

The Cideko runs on a pair of normal AA batteries nestled in the grips. The back of the keyboard is also where you dock the wireless receiver.


Between the keys feel buttons on an cheap remote control, and air mouse control doesn’t feel intiuitive at all. This thing is only worth its expensive price tag to you if you REALLY REALLY need an air mouse.

And now for keyboard number two.


You might have seen this available in the local shops under the name of Rii Mini or something like that, you also might have seen something that seems similar design and goes under another brand name. That’s just the typical OEM factories at work.

It’s a small flat thing. Let me break out the rulers to show you.


So it’s about 15CM x 6.5CM in size, very small and pocketable. There’s one difference between this and the Rii’s that I’ve seen being sold here, let’s focus in on one particular key.


Instead of using a proprietary 2.4Ghz dongle, this Rii which I have uses BLUETOOTH. I got this from Brando instead of any shop here in Malaysia because well… I’m planning for the future, hoping to use this on any future slates, phones or other devices I might get which don’t support USB HID devices but DO support Bluetooth. But other than the difference in communication hardware, everything is the same as the 2.4Ghz model probably.

The keys have the phone style keyboard feel to them, so they feel nice when you thumb type. You can also turn on a backlight so you can see what you’re typing in the dark.


The keyboard is powered by a non removable battery, and recharged using a mini USB connector as pictured above. No… plugging it in through USB DOES NOT make it work as a wired keyboard.

A dinky red laser (I say dinky because when you go green, you don’t wanna go red anymore) sits on the right end of the keyboard.


Personally I found red lasers to be pretty much useless in a presentation scenario but if it works for you....

If there's one bad thing about the keyboard, it's the touchpad.


It COULD have been a little bit more sensitive but instead you'll probably finding yourself surfing around the pad more often than your regular notebook touchpad.

Of the two, I'd say the Rii is the better wireless keyboard even with it's little touchpad issues, mainly because the touchpad works MUCH BETTER than the Cideko's air mouse control!

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