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# Tuesday, 16 July 2013
So I just watched Pacific Rim…. my god what silly show. What follows is gonna be my rants about the movie, so if you haven’t watched it yet there’s a lot of spoilers incoming!

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# Saturday, 28 July 2012

Just watched the epic Batman : The Dark Knight Rises movie this morning while it’s a great show to watch I can’t help but rant about a few glaring problems in the movie. Obviously if you haven’t watched the movie yet, you need to stop reading now cause it’s gonna be filled with spoilers!






Bruce Wayne has been broken after years of being the Batman. In the movie you keep hearing Bruce Wayne’s friends talk about how being the Batman has broken him through the years. But here’s the problem, unless I’m missing something, they also mentioned that the night of Harvey Dent’s murder was the last time Batman was in action. And he wasn’t a wreck then was he? My wife’s opinion? Maybe he fell down that large flights of stairs in his mansion!

Bruce Wayne knocks up with a woman with ZERO character development. And the audience is NOT supposed to think she’s evil? Especially after how Bruce Wayne keeps saying how much he trusts her? Her being Talia was a surprise (and them shacking up is probably just for the fans) her backstabbing the Batman? Not so much.

Incompetent police tactics. Throughout the movie this happens all the time.

ALL active police were sent down the sewers, ALL of them, down a sewer, WITHOUT a proper means of maintaining radio contact. Even when Gordon has already seen that there's at least a small platoon of armed thugs down there!

What was Gotham's finest plan for assaulting a dug in building where the thugs were armed with automatic weapons AND a couple of light tanks? An single column infantry charge straight down the wide open street straight at the building. If the Batman didn't take out the Thumblers first how stupid would that action be?

But did that accomplish much? They just keep standing out in the open street shooting people, forget about looking for cover! But then again I guess they weren't too scared about the capability of the thugs because.

Incomptent thug tactics: Seriously... how is the audience supposed to believe that a whole column of police officers can gather on the main street in front of the enemy base through the night and NOT have any one of the perimeter guards notice when his taking a smoking break or something?

Pet peeve: Why wasn't Blake's real name Terry?

Bonus Point Of Useless Knowledge

I'll now spoil every movie that you're going to see from this point on. After you read the next paragraph and do what's mentioned on it, you'll never be able to watch a movie the same way again and most likely lose all sense of suspense in certain movies. So go away if you don't want that to happen, but if you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes...

*dramatic pause*

Look up the term Chekhov's Gun on the internet. Examples

  • Fusion core
  • Flooding capability of the reactor
  • Lack of auto pilot

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# Saturday, 02 July 2011

So I just watched Michael Bay's 3rd and hopefully LAST Transformers movie in a while, and boy did it SUCK!

Consider this your spoiler warning, because once again there's this GIANT BIG HOLE in the plot!





So there I was trying to enjoy the movie by turning my brain off, until Mr Big Giant Transformer says "We used to be gods back on Cybertron, now we're just refered to as Machines!" I'm sorry? How is that possible? How is it that you can refer to yourself on your native planet as GODS? Who the heck refered to you as GODS???? That's just a wrong statement to make! If his main point was to point out that on Earth they're nothing but machines then he should just say that instead of making the god remark, cause that doesn't make sense.

And then by the end of the movie, the biggest plot hole was hit. Throughout the whole movie it was made a big deal about how Sentinel Prime was the only one who could control the Space Bridge, thus the elaborate plan to bring him back to life and what not. But in the final fight when the Space Bridge control pillar was knocked out all it took was the touch of a traitorous human to bring it back up, whatever happened to ONLY SENTINEL PRIME CAN ACTIVATE THE SPACE BRIDGE?!?!?! Don't tell me it's because that it's activated already then anyone can use it because if that was the case Megatron would have shot Sentinel in the back much earlier.

Other nit picky points when you think too much about it

So they first revealed that the space bridge would be used to steal Earth's resources back to Cybertron, ok, sounds like a good plan. Then it was, bring Cybertron to Earth. The fact that they were going to launch the space bridge pillars AROUND the world made me think they were going to just warp Cybertron in place to where Earth was which would have been more interesting than the actual plan... park Cybertron next to Earth, you can't park two objects with their own gravitational fields next to each other. The moon already affects the tide slightly, guess how big a problem another planet would cause?

The whole Let's enslaved the humans to do rebuild Cybertron premise is simply ridiculous! Because you don't get ants to build you a skyscraper would you? Also... note that the Transformers in the movies don't exactly have any sort of tactical advantage that gives them a one up against humans. The only advantage the Transformers have is their size, they seem vulnerable enough to heavy arms fire and explosives so trying to keep the humans under control would be a pain. Also... the Transformers have already demonstrated they're more than capable of creating mindless drones to help with tasks so why would they need humans as slaves?!?!?

Decepticons TAKING AUTOBOT PRISONERS!?!?!??! What madness!?!?! If it was shown earlier that these movie Transformers had ANY REGARD for life that would be fine, but at EVERY FIGHT, EVERY MOMENT, EVERY OPPORTUNITY they'll rip each others heads out, punch them till parts fly, etc. etc. So why the heck would the Decepticons take prisoners??!?!

They didn't even bother to give any reason to why Bumblebee STILL DOESN'T TALK PROPERLY!

Why the fark do transforming robots need TRANSFORMING fighters?!?!?!

Try and remember how many Autobots were pulling their weight during the final fight, as in before the final "Let's go get the pillar!" charge.

Try and remember how many Autobots were captured and grouped together, but how many Autobots were there when rescue came.

The whole movie was just filled with references to classic Transformers as nods to fans so that they can accept Mr Bay's genius. Here's what I caught

  • Optimus Prime gets his trailer.... and is promptly reminded how awkward it is to drive a full trailer offensively.
  • Optimus Prime gets his Axe now.
  • Transformers turn into dust when they die.... well at least one of them did.
  • The whole hidden joke that a giant robot voiced by Leonard Nimov makes Megatron his bitch, and then in end gets betrayed by Megatron leading to his defeat by the Autobots.

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# Sunday, 09 January 2011

Isn't this supposed to be a premium figure?

The individual Gaia Memories aren't coloured... the joints are just plain black. The Prisim Sword's maximum drive button isn't colored... gheeezz.

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# Sunday, 26 December 2010

So I just watched Tron Legacy today, and I know some of my friends are already waiting to see how I feel about this movie and wondering how I'll rip it apart as I did with my other movie rants.

So… how was Tron Legacy? Well, it's a nice popcorn movie, didn't make as much mention to the parallels for computer terms with the way the grid works as well as the first movie though. But no, I won't nit pick at how the grid is depicted, or why do they actually eat in the movie.

No no no, my main problem with the movie is the big bad's EVIL PLAN!!!!

So errr… spoilers are coming up, then again I'm discussing the evil plan in general so maybe not so spoilerly

In any case, if you haven't watched the movie.

You'd probably should close the window now.

My problem was that the big bad's EVIL PLAN.


OH PLEASE!!! That's such a childish way of thinking of an evil plot for intelligent computer programs.

Because… Why the heck would they want to come out to the real world for? Coming out to the real world means they lose their inherent gadgets and cool accessories because as mentioned before, they're just code and programs. Not to mention like my brother said, the real world is SLLOOOOOOOOOWWWWW.


Incidentally that was exactly what the MCP was trying to do in the first movie.

I guess it would have been anticlimatic to see Mr. Big Bad derez out into the real world, consult a network engineer on how to connect the aging super computer to the Internet, pop back into the grid, give the "We are taking over the world! Out there there are limitless resources for us to use! PCs, Macs, PS3s, XBox, Phones, ANYTHING THAT'S CONNECTED!!" speech THEN send off the army into the net.

But instead, Mr Big Bad just wants to teleport an ENTIRE ARMY into the basement of an abandoned building. Do you even know what a TELEFRAG is?

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# Monday, 16 August 2010

Ok, better get this post up before IE9 Beta hits and I miss my chance for doing it. The recent IE9 Platform Previews have demonstrated that MS is able to put new features and enhancements into IE just as fast as Chrome and Firefox can. Contray to how people has always viewed IE as being the slowest to evolve and react to changes in the web landscape.

But how was this possible? It was because the IE9 preview was deployed as a separate app, instead of upgrading the internal browser component that is in Windows. AFAIK it's a Microsoft policy that if you fix or update something that was delivered in the core Windows OS, you'll have to run a full test suite AGAINST Windows OS again. This would severely hampers speedy updates and feature enhancements such as needed for a web browser.

With Windows 7, a bulk of non system essential apps were already decoupled in the form of Windows Live Essentials. While leaving the core Windows 7 with some basic tools, this allows the programs that make up Live Essentials to be updated faster and without the bulk of testing that's required if it was considered part of the OS.

So.... what if IE9 was delivered as a separate program as well? Moving forward, what if IE8 becomes the standard included browser that comes with Windows, and then on install, you get to choose IE9 as well as the other browsers from the browser candidate screen (*sarcarsm* Thank you EU *sarcarsm*) to use the latest and greatest web technologies vs the standard no frills browser of IE8.

IF this does happen then most likely for us developers who use the IE browser component in our applications, we'll be given a COM shim that's about to use either IE9 if it's installed, or previous versions of IE if it's not.

It's an interesting scenario and proposition when I think about it... cause if IE9 does sit outside the "Included in Windows" category, the ability to quickly add features and functionalities to it would make it a browser to be reckoned with.

This is just my guess of what might happen. We'll know on September 15th 2010 when the IE9 Beta is launched to see if my prediction is correct.

Of course.... it's possible someone already mentioned this before, but I thought about this idea the moment the first Platform Preview was launched, just took awhile for me to write this. Smile with tongue out

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# Sunday, 25 July 2010

It's time for another Marauderz movie rants, this time for the current Best Movie Of The Year candidate Inception. Ok... so for those of you who are still planning to see this movie, you need to stop reading NOW.


Seriously.. this is the last line of spoiler warning I'm giving you.

Ok... let's go. Here are my rants about the movie that everyone seems to be calling bloody fantastic.

  • Cost Of Dying In The Virtual World - When I heard of the basic premise of the movie, I immediately brought up a list of things one would put in a movie like this, on top of that list. YOU DIE IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD, YOU ARE SCREWED. My thoughts were put at ease in the beginning when they said that dying would just wake the guy up, but HELLO... SUPER STRONG DRUGS FTW!!! I'm personally super sick of the notion that if someone made some kind of virtual world system which you plug into and experience that they wouldn't TRIPLE check it to make sure that a hard disconnect wouldn't just leave you disoriented.
  • Spending a lifetime in a shared dream - Wow.. what a great concept... spend a lifetime in a dream, building the world with your every thoughts. But wait a sec! Weren't we told that the subconscious projections, the white blood cells, they're able to sense the intruder, and even if they aren't highly trained military assassins whose aiming is as good as a storm trooper, they'd just maul you to death like a pack of zombies. Of course... some would argue that limbo is DEEEEEEEEEEP within the subconscious and thus there are no projections. Ok... that leads me to the other rant
  • A lifetime to build a world with your imagination - You spend 50 FARKING YEARS in a virtual world which you can mold with your VERY THOUGHTS, and all you could come up with was a plain cityscape that Wall-E could have made? COME ON!!!! A couple of dreamers... happily in love with each other (at least in the oh... first 10 years?), able to build with their VERY THOUGHTS!  And all we get are plain, gray skyscrapers?!?! Gheezzz.. where's the giant Ferris wheel the size of KL Towers (at least) Where's the weird buildings which... oh... never mind I want this to stay PG... SEE!!! I just put a picture of a structure which you could build in your imagination... But what do we get with this pair of idiots? Skyscrapers... plain..  gray... skyscrapers..
  • Tourists - "I need to come with you to ensure you done the deed" First of all... you CAN'T ensure the deed, after all. They're supposed to be planting an idea, how it actually matures from there you can't guarantee that. Second of all, You didn't actually witness the deed cause you were DEAD! SLEEPING! LIMBO!!! Oh whatever...
  • The Ending - Like my brother said the moment De Caprio pulled out the top "As if you didn't see that coming!" The top kept spinning at the end. Here's how that ending could have been made much much better, and all it would take is just a few more seconds, show the top wobbling yet about to fall, but doesn't. Then get someone to knock it over. You can STILL build a sequel from that if you wanted to but at least it's much better a book end. Oh.. that little after piss shake the top does seconds before the fade to black doesn't count.

First Avatar... now this, why do I have this feeling I won't be able to

On a side note, there was a little scene over at GSC Tropicana City where a father who brought in bread for his child to eat got acosted by the staff on their no outside food rule. Dad got so pissed he flattened the bread, mom got scared, son was heard screaming that he didn't want to go in and watch the movie anymore.. Seriously GSC... it's just for the kid. COME ON lar!!!

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# Saturday, 23 January 2010

I had to go to a team building camp recently.... I HATE team building camps. To me it's more like having group therapy about how to best work together than anything else. Something which I feel should be possible to do without having to go through some painful and excruciating exercises. We went to this place called the Eagle Ranch resort, which according to Google Maps is here.

View Larger Map

At least it's there when you search for it in Google Maps, it's actual location is SOMEWHERE near here.

View Larger Map

This error caused one person to get very very lost trying to drive there himself.

I got the shock of my life when I entered my 'room' for the first time.First of all, it looks nice and cosy like a little bandwagon on the outside.


But on the inside, well I'll let this Photosynth tell the story. (Which surprisingly I got it to be 100% synthy even though that wasn't what I was trying for)

Summary is... it's a damn small room, with a PADLOCK acting as a door lock making it very inconvenient to be stone drunk and your roommate not wanting to sleep yet.

Anyway before heading for this team building training I told myself I'm gonna do my best to gunk up the works of the events as much as possible. So I ensure I had all my tools on me in preparation for whatever task they threw at us. In one event where we were supposed to use anything on ourselves to form as long a line as possible, well... even though I brought a TAPE MEASURE with me, we weren't able to beat the team which brought a COIL of rafia string.

But... in the event in which we were supposed to use 3 opened ended pipes with holes in them to fill up a barrel of water. I waited for the organizer to say "You may use anything on your body to plug up the holes" Before producing my portable duck tape roll and proceeded to sealing up the holes in the pipes. Unfortunately I couldn't do a better job of it because as I was finalizing the seal on one of the pipes I cut my finger on it, the person who prepared the pipe didn't bother to smoothen out the cut edges of the pipe and left sharp edges on it. Which can easily cut whoever was handling the pipe in a hurry. I learnt that at least one other person also got cut by said pipe.

Did I have a fun time? Well I can't say I didn't feel a slight sense of satisfaction when I saw the expression of the organizer's face when I produced the duct tape from my pocket! But overall I still hate team building events and I really don't understand why anyone would think it's a good idea to submit the general populace of a company to competitive events that might well likely to get hurt or injured in. :P

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# Sunday, 20 December 2009

After how everyone who went to saw the movie was twitting about how great the film was, bla bla bla. I finally caught Avatar today and boy was I disappointed! I wasn't expecting cinematic gold here but I was so surprised when Dances With Wolves kept coming up in my head as I was watching the movie. As my brother mentioned this was from the "Go Native" formulae of the movie playbook. ie. Guy comes from one advanced background, joins up with native people, learns to love the land, love the chick, then choose to fight against his own people.

Ooops, did I just spoil the movie for you? It's not like you wouldn't have seen how the story was going to end coming from a mile away.

From my twits I can see how people keep talking about how great the graphics are, and how James Cameron DESIGNED AN ENTIRE WORLD to fit the story in. I play next gen video games so seeing entire lush beautiful worlds that have been DESIGNED for the story? I see them all the time.

Since the pretty pictures can't distract me from concentrating on the story. Here are my nitpicks following in the vein of my Star Trek nitpick post. Oh yeah... stop reading if you want to try and spot them yourself.

  • The humans keep talking about how dangerous the planet and the people are. It makes you think that the humans have been fighting the Navi for at least 10 years. (one way trip to Pandora takes about 5 years) But considering the technology gap (We're talking poisoned arrows vs armour plating here) and the WAAAAYY too well equipped military force the humans have you'd have to wonder why the humans haven't already WIPED THE NAVI OUT!! ALL OF THEM!
  • Since they were talking about how dangerous the Navi are... do we hear of Navi raiding parties on the mines? Do we see guerilla assaults on the mines by the Navi?
  • It is mentioned the Navi are hard to kill, hmmm a few bullets seem to do the trick. When the humans were fighting the battle never once did you see this Navi that's pretty hard to kill actually getting an upper hand.
  • Rape a dragon into submission so you can ride it... What a nice way to put it. (Why rape? Our censors spared it for us but think about the hair connector for a second. First time Sully plays with it Grace says "You'll go blind if you touch it" The act of connecting 2 connectors is called a link. If there was a way for 2 creatures to share a bond greater than physical, how do you think they'll have sex?)
  • A venerable FLEET of flying dragons vs a FLEET of helicopters with vulnerable propellers, and the best tatic Mr Marine could come up with was slam into them and hope you can toss the helis aside? I was expecting death from above, rocks, tree trunks... Heck.. even the Ewoks tried to throw rocks at AT-STs! I can't believe I just said the Ewoks are better than something!
  • "We are familiar with these lands" but instead of planting traps to try and entrap the giant mech suits approaching your hideout. You decide that the best tactic against mobile artillery with escorts is a cavalry charge? But you don't even have HORSE ARMOUR!
  • Against an enemy that's holding out in an OPEN AREA, you decide that even though you have SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGICAL advantage against your enemies you'll just charge straight into their front door and BOMB THE PLACE TO HELL! Even though you know that that area is strategically disadvantages to you. You have SPACE FLIGHT capability, ever heard of Orbital Bombardment or heck just mere Kinetic Bombardment. You want shock and awe? Isn't a MESSAGE FROM THE SKIES shock enough?!?

Yes.. I'm just disappointed with the flick.

ps. In case you're wondering I didn't lookup on anything about the movie before watching in. So I had no preexpectations of it.

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# Thursday, 08 January 2009

An XML Schema is a contract you don’t change it whenever you feel like it without telling people. And if you still don’t understand the rules of XML, like being case sensitive… only have one root node.



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