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# Tuesday, 18 March 2008

A friend got me this petit Bluetooth adapter while he was having a vacation in HK.


Unfortunately, due to the fact that I'm guessing there's no industry standard on how much clearance there must be between the USB port and the casing they couldn't make the thing sit flush in the connector.


Sure it's pretty hard for something this size to snag on something but there's always a chance....

This is of course the same petit dongle you can get over at Brando's.

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# Thursday, 14 February 2008

I've been using Tablet PCs since a few years back, and I've gone through 4 of them already. And there was one similarity between all of them, I have not had a built in optical drive ever since I started using Tablet PCs. So I had to rely on external DVD drives, and there was always one little problem with all the drives I had. They had to be powered by an adapter, so I wasn't exactly fully mobile.

But now.. I found the LG GSA-E50L external DVD Multi Writer.


It's your typical USB 8x MultiFormat DVD Burner, with one notable exception. It DOESN'T come with a power adapter. Finally I found a DVD drive which can be fully powered by a FULL POWER USB port (ie it'll most likely not work if you plugged it into an unpowered hub)!! Finally I can use a DVD drive with all my tablets, the U1010, P1610 and of course.. the eeePC! Also the drive has one more little trick...


The drive is Lightscribe capable, I always wanted to try out one of these drives to see how well it works. Basically with special media (which obivously costs more than normal discs) after you burn your files, you flip the disc over and the the laser is used to burn the image onto the disc. Nifty... and is a nice touch when you need to make the disc special. It's definetly better than scriblling on the disc with a CD marker, and it's more convenient than printing and sticking labels.

This is highly recommended if you have a notebook without a built in optical drive, the convinience of not having to need a power adapter to work is immense! But you have to realise that if the USB ports are not full power ones you'll need to rely on the additional USB power cable provided in the box. MOST ports on notebooks are full power ports, but there are exceptional cases.

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# Sunday, 03 February 2008

So I got another bag for the Asus eeePC.


It's uninteresting at first glance. And a bit worse when you get to the insides.


The accessory compartment is FLAT, it can't expand to accommodate anything bulky in there, ie.. The power adapter, It has a wire mesh zipper to hold some cables, a removable disc folder to hold DVDs and a pocket.. which I think is for the power adapter, but like I mentioned, the compartment doesn't expand so it's not a good idea to throw anything bulky in there.


Which means the power adapter ends up in front with the eeePC, this case was initially designed for a 10" portable DVD player so there's plenty of room in there for the eeePC. But since everything just mashes around it's really not that good a carrying case.

So why would I buy such a lousy carrying case for the eeePC? Because obviously there's some gimmick that makes it interesting!


The case comes with straps and hooks to suspend it in open mode either between the 2 front seats or behind a specific seat. (No reward for guessing what's playing on the eeePC right now)


As the eeePC is so small there's still plenty of space left for you to connect a USB hard disk containing your movies to watch. You can technically use the eeePC while it's in the case if you tightened the straps enough but the middle bracing strap that goes over the keyboard might get in your way, you can of course remove the strap but that would mean there'll be an eeePC flying around the car if anything happens.

Why did I buy this? Well... it's about time for the Chinese New Year trip, and I don't want to be caught flat footed in a jam with WZ in the car screaming over boredom. For those questioning the battery life of the eeePC, it doesn't matter because I have an inverter in the car. So all I need is to fill up a hard disk or thumb drive with lots and lots and LOTS of anime and WZ should remain happy.

Yes I do realise that the eeePC isn't that readable in sunlight... maybe I should only travel at night then? :P

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# Saturday, 15 December 2007

Something weird happened to the eeePC the other day, I booted up the system and the boot up image (which displays when the BIOS starts up) wouldn't go away. Effectively the system hung at the BIOS screen. I managed to clear the BIOS image and get a more proper look at the BIOS messages and saw that it was trying to see if there was a bootable medium in a USB Mass Storage device, and since the only thing connected to the machine was the SD card, I pulled the card out and the system immediately booted into Windows.

Once the OS came up I tried to read the SD card to see what went wrong, sure enough there were problems accessing it, either Windows would stall cause it was unable to communicate with the card, or it'd ask if I wanted to format the card.

I reinserted the card a few times and then as sudden as the problem came, it vanished and everything is back to normal.

For now......

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# Monday, 10 December 2007

OK... here's what's been happening with the eeePC so far.


It's currently running Windows XP SP2, after I was unable to remove the Page File from the Windows Vista install. Since I don't want to wear down the SSD, I have to make sure that I remove the Page File from the OS. Also... following some drama at the Asus service center, my eeePC is currently has 2GB of RAM in it, that pretty much means I shouldn't need a page file as long as I don't run too many things at the same time.

Another source of disk trashing was the temporary internet files folder, I first tried to move that to the SD card but the slow speed of the card SERVERLY hampered the browsing experience. After a suggestion by someone at LowYat.Net, I've dedicated 150MB to a RAM disk where the files are stored and it seems to work great so far.

I think my other laptops like the company.


In order to carry the eeePC around, I decided to buy a new bag for the trips where I don't need all my gear.


In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have bought a NORMAL messenger bag, I should have bought a messenger bag for a computer, cause now... all I get is a BIG pocket.. and a zippered REAR pocket, I guess I'm not used to normal bags anymore. Anyway.. the rear pocket fits the eeePC nice and snug.


And the adapters and other shit goes into the main compartment. Part of the reasons as to why I got the bag was because I was entranced by the pictures on the flap of the bag.


But... since it carries my stuff so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

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Went to my grand aunt's birthday dinner just now, and it was a good test for the new equipment to placate WZ with.


And to think a few months back I was thinking that a giving a kid a Portable DVD player to watch was too much. But heck... this is much better than a DVD player and next time WZ will be able to do more than just watch movies on the thing.

And I also caught this pic.


I wish I caught it BEFORE I ate the fish!

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# Thursday, 29 November 2007

I found out why I couldn't install MSN Messenger on my tweaked Vista installation, seems like I haven't managed to move the WinSxS folder properly and thus there are problems when I'm trying to install shit. And the only shit I tried to install was Messenger.

Oh well... back to the drawing board, better test it out on a Virtual PC instead of waste my eeePC's SSD lifespan just going through installation again and again and again...

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# Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Quick update, so, the 3rd try for getting Windows Vista into the eeePC went pretty well. All devices were working, the WinSxS folder was moved completely.

Everything looked fine until I tried to install Windows Live Messenger, and it spat out an error about being unable to register the assembly MSVC80 or something like that, gonna have to take a look at this tonight

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# Monday, 26 November 2007

So... Vista it is then. First thing was to cut down on the installation beef with VLite, optional stuff like movie maker.. calculator... the shitload of preloaded drivers. One thing which I couldn't cut out was the chinese language files, if I'm not mistaken both Simplified and Traditional EACH took up about 340MB.

First Try!

Accidentally removed the Aero UI theme... didn't realized it was tied to the Aero Glass feature. :P But.. everything else worked fine, all drivers went in, no unknown devices left in Device Manager. Followed the instructions provided by Paul over at Modaco to try and move the WinSxS folder to my puny 2GB SD card, but somehow I had 109MB of files left over which I can't delete from the hard drive.

On a side note, if the webcam is disabled in BIOS, Windows doesn't see it, yet the default Xandros could.. must be some other way that it communicates with it.

2nd Try!

Ok.. got Aero in this time, but I accidentally left out Windows Image Acqusation... so the WEBCAM drivers didn't work! Shit!!! Haven't done the WinSxS move this time. Tested out video playback.. well.. it works, but no miracles on the H.264 side.. the processor just can't make it. I'm not even gonna try moving the WinSxS folders this time.

OK.. 3rd time is probably the charm.. making the image is a painful and time consuming task...

On a side note... things to get.. 4GB or 8GB SDHC card... 1GB of RAM (Although this probably isn't necessary but it more RAM would cut down on the page file swaps and less load on the SSDs)

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# Friday, 23 November 2007

Well... since my parents aren't too interested in using the eeePC, the keyboard is one of the pain points mentioned, but the low resolution dot pitch means they don't complain that the words are too small.

So... since the parents don't want to use the eeePC... it's time to install Windows into the little guy, so the question now is.... which version? The reliabvle favorite Windows XP SP2 or the always dissed Windows Vista?

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