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# Sunday, 06 September 2009

After being tied up for the past month I finally got around to finish something I should have done few weeks ago.


I needed to fix my XBox 360. The 360 that I'm using is technically a 1st generation 360, the one with the extremely high failure rates. I declamped the bugger about 2 years ago, and have been using it until 1 month ago it RROD'ed again. When it failed I pretty much knew what was wrong. The 360 has been working well for 2 years, on a RM4 drop of Thermal Paste, which probably has thinned out by now and has lost contact between the heat sink and the chips.

So I took apart my 360 and applied slight pressure onto the heat sinks, the 360 booted up. I let go of the heat sinks. The 360 show's it's overheat warning. So I slabbed a new layer of thermal paste (Cooler Master Brand RM24 per tub, if you must know) on it screwed it back up and let it run. And yup.. it works.

So... why is it that I keep using the least reliable console of this console generation? Because XBox Live is the BEST ONLINE GAMING EXPERIENCE. If you ask anyone who plays online with both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 you'll know that the 360 gives you the better online experience. (The Wii doesn't even exists in this comparison)

So if it means I have to reapply thermal paste on this thing again in 2011 with WZ looking on me from the edge of the table wondering when he can get his game on. So be it!

In fact I was so excited to get back online I accidentally bought a wrong arcade title!!! Gaaaahhh!!!

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# Saturday, 18 April 2009

As I was looking around the Daiso RM5 shop at the curve I noticed a box of screws.


They may look just like any other screw, washer and nut set to you but.... There seems to be JUST the right parts to declamp an Xbox 360, the screws are just the right length to fit both the GPU and the Processor heat sinks, and not only do they have washers, they have SPRING WASHERS too. And the heads are slimmer than the previous screws I used so maybe.. just maybe I don't have to drill holes into the case after the fix.

I ripped open Yoroi's old RRODed box which died after finishing the fight last year and tried to fit the screws in. That's when I realized... I remembered the width of the screw wrongly!! I bought 4MM wide screws, the box needs 5MM ones!!!! Now I have to go get another box!

Damn it!

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# Monday, 05 January 2009

After the recent NXE update, the Xbox Live Marketplace was consuming loads of bandwidth to give the sleek branding filled look when you're browsing for downloads. Not very good for us here who have broadband that's well... usable... Then there's the whole problem of the undersea cable being damaged again and causing data to have to take the long way around.

So what's a Xbox Live player gotta do to check out the downloads now? Don't fret, you can now do all your marketplace browsing on the WEB. via the URL, just sign in with your gamertag's LiveID, select what you want to download and the next time your box is turned on and connected to XBox Live it starts downloading what you've selected. So you can still get to the content minus all the branding fluff.

Oh.. I missed a step previously, after signing in be sure to pick the RIGHT country/region you are in to see content which you can dowload. You pick the country by clicking on the country indicator on the upperleft corner on the page. It looks like this.


So remember to choose your proper country, ie. Singapore, US, India, etc. etc. or you won’t be able to see the right content.

No... your 360 doesn't automatically turn itself on and start downloading... maybe in the next update? :P

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# Thursday, 04 October 2007

When you have a baby to take care of, it becomes a little harder to waste money on certain unnecessary things, but boy does it hurt when I see stuff I want and I know it's actually a waste of money to get it. Stuff like this...


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# Monday, 24 September 2007

Phew... this has been a project that is a few WEEKS in the works already, thanks to the fact that I've been just swamped with work. But.. now, it's almost over already. But my 3RODDED XBox 360 is almost back in action. Here's the patient on the operation table.


The PSP (Hmm.. I haven't talked about this on my blog yet have I?) makes a GREAT debugging tool for this purpose.. it's small.. compact.. and yet is able to act as a video monitor to test wheter the box is working or not. No need to fumble with a big 14" display on an already small cramped work table.

We were rushing for time, and after a few more extra modifications we didn't even have enough time to put everything back properly yet. So...


This will have to suffice so we can finish the fight!

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# Saturday, 22 September 2007

Every now and then something happens that makes you wish you could just be irresponsible and call in sick. I'm feeling that need right now. God.. why must they torment me this way?

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# Thursday, 16 August 2007

I can still remember taking this picture about 6 months ago.

And look where he is today..

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# Saturday, 19 May 2007
My quest for a wireless keyboard for my Windows Media Center has finally turned up something!!

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# Tuesday, 08 May 2007

You want that achievement for killing me 20 times? You're gonna have to dig it out of my warm, bleeding, bullet ridden body, but just think about it, the satisfaction that you'll get as you hold high your achievement still dripping in my blood and you scream through the headset "Achievement Unlocked!!! Suck on this MarauderMY!!!"

Then I snipe you in the head cause I've already respawned, pickup a sniper rifle, found a good vantage point and fired while you were going through the theatrics.

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# Thursday, 12 April 2007

Previously there was only 2 kinds of people you'd meet when you were playing online in say.. on XBox Live.

The people who play games, or the people who heckle/sneer/curse while trying to play games.

More recently there's an additional bunch of people who like to let the other gamers on their teams know about their views of the current geopolitical issue. So you got people who are ganging up on people from certain countries, or just being an ass to people from certain countries.

Come on people!!! We're trying to have some fun online here I don't care what your polictical beliefs are, if you're on the opposing team I cap your ass, if you're on my team I cover your ass, that's unless you're a bad teammate, if not THEN I'll cap your ass.

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