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# Thursday, 07 June 2007

Just realized that I need to talk about something important after an incident with a client recently, so.. you decide that you want to have your own web address and URL, so you engage one of the various webhost providers out there, they tell you for the low low price of.... oh.... chicken feed? You can have your own personal URL up and running in no time at all. So you pay them the money, tell them the domain name you want and within a matter of minutes you get an email with all the login information for your website to upload files, manage permissions, etc. etc.

So.. that's it right? You can now happily run your website right? WRONG!! If you got the webhost to register your domain name for you, they are holding one more VERY IMPORTANT piece of information, your domain name registrant login! What is this? The name registrant is basically a database that converts to the ipaddress so that people can connect to it, if you DON'T get the login from your webhost provider it's going to get very complicated should you decide to change hosts cause if you don't get that login you can't point the domain name to the new server.

So do remember to get that piece of information from your webhost if you have your own domains.

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