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# Sunday, 18 October 2009

I find that mashed potatoes are great for WZ to eat, for one thing, he can eat it on his own. For another, it doesn't fall off the spoon that easily! It can be quite hot (temperature wise) though!

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# Saturday, 03 October 2009

WZ is in the phase where he doesn't realize he's actually attacking and punching people. I keep trying to teach him that he should not hit people intentionally, but nothing works better than actually getting shunned after hitting someone I guess.

And yup.. great time to test a simple Silverlight video player I cooked up. It's real simple. It just PLAYS. Ideal for clips where you know people have no reason for shuffling around. Need to find some place to put my videos now that Soapbox is down. So let's give the Silverlight Streaming service a workout then.

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# Sunday, 29 March 2009

Bought an interesting toy a few weeks back.


This is a portable gaming device, with built in games. What sort of games? Sega Mega Drive games. It's not new or anything, it's just that I finally decided to pick it up for the sake of nostalgia to play Sonic and Knuckles again. It doesn't have a cartridge slot but rather all 20 games are built into the unit... which says a lot about how far technology has advanced since the old days.

I'm too lazy to list out all the games right now (it IS 2AM!) but other than Sonic, I picked this up for Golden Axe, Altered Beast and Shinobi ][.

The controls feel fine, but the build quality is PATHETIC! See the strips of duct tape on the thing? The front cover plastic wasn't glued in properly and the pointy edges were exposed, can't have that around WZ so I taped them down. And the cover directly presses onto the little screen so you get that puddle effect if you press down on the cover.

Speaking of the screen... it's TINY! Definitely makes reading stuff meant for a TV screen very hard. So it's a good thing that like all cheap ass shruken console devices you can connect this thing to a TV and play on the big screen! But you're still not going to get the same experience as a real Mega Drive, the colors feel too bright and there seems to be some lost in detail... or maybe I just forgot how bad it used to look?

And as this thing is portable (powered by 3AAA batteries) makes noises, and have bright lights. It immediately goes into the things you give WZ when you don't want him running and screaming all over the place category. It is also on this thing that WZ have learn how to play games! He chooses what he wants to play himself, and actually plays the game instead of randomly mashing buttons. He still lacks a few important skills that are essential to playing games though, he still haven't developed muscle memory and thus can't press the buttons without looking at the controller, and also... he can't press two buttons at the same time yet!

But of course, this is just the beginning...

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# Friday, 06 March 2009

I bought a toy which most parents would rather not buy for a 2 year old.


In case it's not apparent what this is...


It's a TRAMPOLINE!!! So far the comments I have gotten about this purchase include Disaster waiting to happen, are you out of your mind? and Are you crazy? Well he seems to enjoy jumping on it right now. Which made the painful installation process worth it, painful because I had to thread the elastic bungie cord that gives the thing it's spring myself, my palms were burning after the process!

WZ also seems to have figured out he can use this as a hammock if he wanted to.


But when I came home carrying the large trampoline package, I saw this


I ask my mother, Why is there a plank in WZ's play area?

Well... it seems like it's for WZ to


Walk up and then


slide down.. And with these 2 things, WZ technically now has his own playground set!


Of course nothing compares to having actual video to see this in action.

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# Friday, 03 October 2008

When I setup the system for my mother to play videos for WZ a part of me always knew that one day WZ would be fiddling around with it himself.

Just didn't expect it to be so soon!

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# Tuesday, 30 September 2008

This might not be the right thing to teach a little boy but hey.. I am teaching him to recognize people..

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# Monday, 28 July 2008

Already managed to take WZ to the park a few time and finally during the weekend I send him down a tube slide.

This video was supposed to be much longer and include footage of how I actually manage to get into the slide with WZ, but mommy's Nokia N95 decides to crap up and die whenever it records video for longer than 15 seconds. You know how difficult it is to diagnose a faulty gadget when your spouse needs it? Try doing that with your son screaming and yanking on your pant leg to have another go in the slide!

Later when I got back home, it seems like the phone doesn't want to take videos longer than 15 seconds in the SUPER HI QUALITY mode and usually resets itself when it does that. Dropping the video quality down to HI QUALITY seems to work though.

Hey... isn't the N95 supposed to be some sort of premiere DVD quality video recording camera? Can't do that with 15 second clips. But I will say that it is the sharpest and LARGEST (4MB for 12 seconds!) video I've seen from a cameraphone.

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# Monday, 30 June 2008

When your son starts playing around with the recliner ejector switch you know someone's gonna get hurt by it someday.

Upon seeing WZ play with the chair, mommy casually remarks that he's gonna get his fingers caught in the switch one of these days. As if on cue WZ promptly gets his fingers caught in the switch. :P

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# Friday, 02 May 2008

About a little more than half a year ago, WZ was learning how to climb down safely from the bed.

And now finally at 1 year 3.5 months he is able to climb back UP the bed, note how he climbs up when I stop him from standing on the bed on the floor.

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# Friday, 18 April 2008

The decision to get a video camera was pretty simple for me.. before my son arrived I HAD to get one. And so far it's been great capturing all the things he done, pictures and photos are nice but video is just something you want to have around too!

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