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# Monday, 13 October 2014

Made another video with WZ!

A few interesting tidbits about this video

  • Video editing is now done using Cyberlink PowerDirector 12, which is pretty nifty.
  • The stunt work was possible due to years of watching Kamen Rider and other Tokusatsu series!!

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# Sunday, 13 July 2014

This is the most EPIC video I've ever made so far!!!

Here are some interesting points for any who's interested

  • Music tells the viewer how to feel, awesomeness of a video increases ten fold with proper application of music!
  • The video was shot at 60 FPS using a Sony Action Camera AS100
  • Microsoft OneNote was used to story board and schedule the shots needed
  • One of the main reasons which I realized that I shouldn't just shoot shots in sequence but rather by utility was because of a article I read many years ago saying what Haruhi did wrong in her recording of the video in the anime, and now I'm applying such tips in a video which I'm wearing a shirt with a Haruhi image on it. *heh*
  • Windows Movie Maker was used to edit the movie
  • Music was sourced from YouTube's media library.

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# Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Rapid Madness is currently Mattel's largest gun in the BoomCo line, it's also kind of the poster boy since if you seen any video ads of it in action you'll probably have seen it SPEW darts in lightning speed!! I can empty it's 20 dart clip in about 3 SECONDS!! But alas all that comes with a price, check out the review to find out what is the cost of awesomeness and wheter it's worth it or not. (it's not!)

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# Monday, 23 June 2014

The BoomCo ClipFire is the answer to my all time favorite Nerf gun, the Nerf Jolt, it's a small, compact shooter that only has one job.. SHOT A DART! And it does a good job on it, performance is comparable to a Nerf Jolt like the other BoomCo guns I've fiddled with so far.

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# Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I was surprised to find a selection of Mattel Boom Co guns in my local Toys R Us, and since I knew that they were pretty much challenging Dart Gun King, NERF for gun supremacy I knew I just had to get some guns to try it out. Here's a quick review and more importantly a quick comparison between Boom Co And Nerf!

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# Thursday, 17 April 2014

Nerf released a new line of guns a while back, called the MEGA. What's special about this new line is that the dart is MEGA sized, how MEGA? It's as big as a 7 seven year old's eye!

The Nerf MEGA Magnus is like the Magnum of this line, Nerf definetly seem to have been going for a large unapologetic hand canon aesthetic when they made this!

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# Thursday, 20 March 2014

After seeing all the Nerf guns lining the toy store shelves, you finally decide you want to buy some to play with your kids. But which one should you buy? Here're some tips to help you make the call.

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# Wednesday, 10 October 2012

I picked up another Nerf gun to add to my little arsenal, this time it's the Nerf Vortex Vigilon


The main difference about this line of guns is the name VORTEX, Vortex guns don't shoot darts, Vortex guns shoots little foam discs.


The fact that the discs are basically little frisbees shows in their flight performance, they coast and float through the air easily covering the length of a living room, and are quite accurate though at long ranges due to their disc shape it'll start veering off to the side.

The Vigilon is a great gun to pelt play with your children, mainly due to how you load the gun.


It doesn't use an ammo magazine like the bigger guns, but rather a built in compartment. The cool and useful thing about this is that at any point in time while you're chasing your son around firing discs at him you can just open up the door and reload the gun at any thing, very convenient and leads to less downtime while reloading and letting son get an opening for a counter attack.

One thing to note is that the disc do hit a bit harder than darts due to the heavier nature, mommy complained a bit about it but I think it's mostly because immediately after she said "You're hurting WH by shooting him!" I shot her...

If you are interested in a Nerf gun that shoots little foam discs, you can't go wrong with the Vigilon it's not too expensive and holds 5 discs for the thrill of rapid fire. Highly recommended!

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# Wednesday, 04 January 2012

When I wrote the article chronicling the evolution of toy lightsabers, I would have never guessed that one year later today I'll be writing another article about what I think is.. the ULTIMATE lightsaber toy... this is IT!


Savy readers would have already know that this is Luke Skywalkers lightsaber from Return Of The Jedi, you can clearly see that this is nothing more than the hilt of a plastic toy with it's seams and everything. Let's pull the camera back a bit.


Look at that blade, it's a solid one piece tube... in fact it looks just like the blades they have on those cool nifty replica lightsabers...


ZOMFG!! The collectors in you would say Hey... that looks just like the FX replica lightsabers! Well... that's because IT IS the same basic design technology that powers the FX lightsabers! Hasbro got the license to make them super expensive replica lightsabers, and in true profit oriented form, they reapplied the tech into an cheaper, affordable package, retaining the BEST factors of a replica lightsaber: The glowing blade, the awesome motion based effects. And then giving it a lightweight plastic body, along with a PRETTY sturdy blade, and you have the ULTIMATE LIGHTSABER TOY!!

Why is this the ULTIMATE LIGHTSABER TOY? What.. glowing blade not good enough for you? Have another look!


The price of this Ultimate FX Lightsaber is a fraction of a Replica Lightsaber at RM159. Since it's plastic, it's also very light. These 2 factors combined means you will have no reservations trying to practice twirling the thing around, if you drop it while you're playing with it, you'll just pick it up from the floor instead of going "Oh my god!!! I scratched my limited edition hilt!! Oh my god!!! I cracked my tiles!! Oh my god!!! My wife is going to kill me!!"

If you ever wanted to buy a replica lightsaber JUST for the cool blade effect, get this instead, it has the same effect AND you can actually play with it! How about a commercial to boil the blood a bit more?

It's tons of fun!


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# Tuesday, 05 April 2011

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