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# Friday, 14 September 2007

Why I don't take the train during peak hours
Because while tons of people get on the train at nearly every stop, the majority of the people only get off at 3 stops. Masjid Jamek, Pasar Seni and KLCC. That means.. the train is a very packed can of sardines.

Why I don't drive into KL during peak hours
Do I really need to say why?

 Why I don't like parking in KLCC
God damnit, do you know how FREAKING EXPENSIVE parking is there now? Gheeezz.. I guess the I must not be part of their target market if I have a problem with RM10 parking for 3 hours. And I don't think they have a MAXIUM parking charge, they'll just keep taking your money!

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# Tuesday, 11 September 2007

So Tech Ed started yesterday, as I am one of the presenters I got to sit in the front row during the launch keynote. The keynote started off with a little cultural dance ditty. Then the first surprise, the hall had them cool lasers to draw nice little animations on the wall (yes in retrospect I *should* have taken a video).

Everything was nice and cool, until they got to the end and.. *BANG* sparklers start shooting out from the tip at the floor of the stage. I got shocked but I was still cool until the 2nd *BANG* that's when the sparklers start shooting out from the CEILING, no less than 3 rows of seats in front of me, so I had fire raining down barely 3 meters in front of me, and there I was, notebook out on my lap, mouth opened, gasping in terror at the scene. But I guess I wasn't in as bad a situation as the lady that was sitting right in front/under one of them sparkler emitters. I could see her staring in shock at the sparklers as well.

Luckily everything was fire free after that.

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