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# Monday, 27 January 2014

I've just joined the statistic of "People whose maid ran out on them". Here's what I found surprising in the whole ordeal

  • That there are no signs that she wanted to run away
  • That the maid can literally just drop and leave EVERYTHING before running away
  • That all the authorities seem to treat it like a common day occurance
  • That there's a form which is titled "Runaway maid work permit cancellation form"
  • That said cancellation carries a cancellation fee

Well.. now I'm jaded I guess..

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# Tuesday, 25 December 2012

For the past year, every few months, this appears in one of the plants in front of my house.


I seriously have no idea why they choose our house for it, but they've been back more than once already! Today evening my wife mentioned to me that the parent birds were busy chirping and flying around in the foyer. Upon closer inspection we realized that a little baby bird was on the ground trying to fly. We didn't pay much attention to them lest we interrupted their circle of life moment until after a while I noticed that one of the parent birds was constantly peering into the storm drain near the foyer.

The storm drain is covered, but there was a small crack on it. Fearing the worst I lifted the heavy slab of concrete covering the drain, to be greeted by the butt of the little bird peering inside the storm pipe. I still didn't want to interrupt their lesson so I left the cover open and see what the parents would do.

They didn't do much, at one point one of the birds seem like they wanted to entice the little one out with food.


It was then I decided that I'll screw with the chain of natural selection and scoped the little bird out of the pipe and put it on the ground near it's nest. I think the parental birds approved...


While I was moving the baby bird I had a chance to take a closer shot of it.


For those who'd like an EXTRA close look at it here's a Zoom.It version of the original photo.

Eventually the little bird ended up back in the foyer on a shoe.


The 'training regime' was interesting to see. Basically one bird was closer to the baby bird.


And repeatedly flew and hovered in front of the baby bird and eventually baby would try it a few times. Meanwhile, the other parent bird would stand as overwatch. Probably keeping an eye out for predators.


They basically kept doing this.

Guess it worked, since the birds were gone when I came back from dinner. Now there's ONE more little chick left in the nest..

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# Saturday, 08 January 2011

Quite literally the final project of the year since it was finished on New Years Eve 2011

Let hope 2011 turns out better than 2010!

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# Tuesday, 07 September 2010

So I've been greeted by this message when I tried to login to Facebook.


So... ok I tried to add my phone and I see this.


Maxis not being in I picked the My Mobile Service Provider Isn't Listed link. And I eventually get to this window.


Since I didn't get me code, I decided to let them know. But....


WHAT THE HELL !?!?!?!?

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# Sunday, 08 August 2010

PC Fair used to be a place where you can get some nice deals, and see some nice gear on sale. But... in recent years it has just devolved into nothing might just a great big waste of time since things aren't any cheaper at PC Fair, in fact there're instances where things are more expensive then what you can get at Low Yat. While it is true that you get more freebies at PC Fair, you have to ask yourself if it's worth the time and effort of getting over to KLCC and making your way through the crowd.

So.. I made this short video detailing the PC Fair experience. It's short and boring... kinda like going to PC Fair yourself.

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# Sunday, 25 July 2010

It's time for another Marauderz movie rants, this time for the current Best Movie Of The Year candidate Inception. Ok... so for those of you who are still planning to see this movie, you need to stop reading NOW.


Seriously.. this is the last line of spoiler warning I'm giving you.

Ok... let's go. Here are my rants about the movie that everyone seems to be calling bloody fantastic.

  • Cost Of Dying In The Virtual World - When I heard of the basic premise of the movie, I immediately brought up a list of things one would put in a movie like this, on top of that list. YOU DIE IN THE VIRTUAL WORLD, YOU ARE SCREWED. My thoughts were put at ease in the beginning when they said that dying would just wake the guy up, but HELLO... SUPER STRONG DRUGS FTW!!! I'm personally super sick of the notion that if someone made some kind of virtual world system which you plug into and experience that they wouldn't TRIPLE check it to make sure that a hard disconnect wouldn't just leave you disoriented.
  • Spending a lifetime in a shared dream - Wow.. what a great concept... spend a lifetime in a dream, building the world with your every thoughts. But wait a sec! Weren't we told that the subconscious projections, the white blood cells, they're able to sense the intruder, and even if they aren't highly trained military assassins whose aiming is as good as a storm trooper, they'd just maul you to death like a pack of zombies. Of course... some would argue that limbo is DEEEEEEEEEEP within the subconscious and thus there are no projections. Ok... that leads me to the other rant
  • A lifetime to build a world with your imagination - You spend 50 FARKING YEARS in a virtual world which you can mold with your VERY THOUGHTS, and all you could come up with was a plain cityscape that Wall-E could have made? COME ON!!!! A couple of dreamers... happily in love with each other (at least in the oh... first 10 years?), able to build with their VERY THOUGHTS!  And all we get are plain, gray skyscrapers?!?! Gheezzz.. where's the giant Ferris wheel the size of KL Towers (at least) Where's the weird buildings which... oh... never mind I want this to stay PG... SEE!!! I just put a picture of a structure which you could build in your imagination... But what do we get with this pair of idiots? Skyscrapers... plain..  gray... skyscrapers..
  • Tourists - "I need to come with you to ensure you done the deed" First of all... you CAN'T ensure the deed, after all. They're supposed to be planting an idea, how it actually matures from there you can't guarantee that. Second of all, You didn't actually witness the deed cause you were DEAD! SLEEPING! LIMBO!!! Oh whatever...
  • The Ending - Like my brother said the moment De Caprio pulled out the top "As if you didn't see that coming!" The top kept spinning at the end. Here's how that ending could have been made much much better, and all it would take is just a few more seconds, show the top wobbling yet about to fall, but doesn't. Then get someone to knock it over. You can STILL build a sequel from that if you wanted to but at least it's much better a book end. Oh.. that little after piss shake the top does seconds before the fade to black doesn't count.

First Avatar... now this, why do I have this feeling I won't be able to

On a side note, there was a little scene over at GSC Tropicana City where a father who brought in bread for his child to eat got acosted by the staff on their no outside food rule. Dad got so pissed he flattened the bread, mom got scared, son was heard screaming that he didn't want to go in and watch the movie anymore.. Seriously GSC... it's just for the kid. COME ON lar!!!

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# Friday, 18 June 2010

The Secret Of Lousiana is a restaurant located in Plaza Kelana Jaya.


It's main claim to fame around my office was the fact that they offered an interesting package of all you can eat Spaghetti for lunch for only RM15.

So today I went with my colleagues to try out and see how good the Secret is.

We got there, gave our orders and waited. It seemed like a very busy restaurant since I could see the waiters constantly shuffling in and out with food. Most probably because of their all you can eat package. After a while the food for my colleagues came, and I was left waiting...

And waiting....

And waiting...

I reached there about 12:30PM, I waited until about 2PM. NO FOOD IS WORTH WAITING FOR ONE AND A HALF HOURS! We asked for the bill and when the waiter came I told them to cut off my set, since I DIDN'T FARKING EAT MY MEAL!

It would seem like the secret to learning the Secret Of Louisiana starts with NOT GOING ON A FRIDAY AFTERNOON! The person in charge was typically apologetic when I wanted to cancel my order, but I'm still pissed off because..

  1. My colleagues all got their food, why wasn't mine done?
  2. It seemed like they ran out of Bolognaise sauce or something since I heard some other people  asking for their Spaghetti Bolognaise. If you knew you had a problem, shouldn't you have let the customer know that there might be some problems with their order instead of letting them STARVE?!?!

So after wasting my time, and parking fees, and on the verge of fainting due to an hunger (I was ready for a buffet man, for PLATES OF SPAGHETTI... I GOT ZERO.. ZERO!!!) I still was unable to figure out the Secret Of Louisana.

In the end, the only secret I learnt was that:- Queuing up for McDonald's doesn't take 1.5 hours.


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# Monday, 07 June 2010

Just got a disturbing message from my cousin, someone walked up to him in a Starbucks and ask if he could borrow his notebook for some Facebooking. Not to mention he wanted to plug in a thumbdrive to do something. My cousin sent him packing on his way, but he just kept going around asking people for access to their PCs. If you haven't already figured it out yet, you shouldn't let strangers use your PCs, and allowing them to plug their thumbdrives into your system could be just allow them to get a trojan into your system. So remember.


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# Tuesday, 01 June 2010

My main desktop workhorse PC was having a weird problem. After leaving it idle for a while, Windows Explorer wouldn't respond until I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up task manager and then it'd behave properly. And for a few days I couldn't figure out what was wrong, I didn't install anything on the system, I wonder if it was a virus or trojan that sneaked in from the other PCs.

Then... just now.. I saw IT.. the SCROLL FORWARD button on the wireless mouse had caved in, most probably due to the fact that WZ or mommy kicks it off the sofa every now and then. I pried the button back out, then did a test by holding the the button. Yup... when the button was held down, Windows Explorer just stops responding.

So... WHY was I experiencing the problem only AFTER the system went idle? I have this theory. On idle without movement, the mouse shuts down then when I wake it up by moving the mouse it sends the FORWARD BUTTON down message constantly to the PC, and when I pressed CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring out the task manager it killed the message being sent to Explorer and thus I regained control.

Hard to believe one stupid button caused so much problems.

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# Monday, 26 April 2010

One of the things I felt was a problem with my blog was that the comments were disconnected from any sort of notification since.. well I didn't sign up for anything like that anyway. And lo and behold, Facebook goes and makes some nice commenting plugins that allows any Facebook user to comment and well.. it'll be easier to get in touch with people who are commenting I guess.

This shouldn't slow down the page TOO MUCH, just increase the bandwidth consumed.. hahahaha.

EDIT: Ok.. interesting.. if I put the comment box in the front page, the posts to the news stream would not have any link info at all. Therefore I changed my custom DasBlog macro so that on the front page it only shows the LIKE button which points to the exact link of the post, and when people are viewing the actual post THEN only the comment box appears.

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