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# Friday, 06 July 2007
A package from HK was awaiting me when I got home today, it contained 3 items I ordered from PDAir. One works PERFECTLY.. one has me very annoyed.. and one has me in the Why the fark did I waste money on this? mood.

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# Sunday, 01 July 2007

As mentioned in my C730 post, the phone doesn't have a standard audio jack.

BUT... it does have Bluetooth A2DP support, so I decided to get this Creative Bluetooth transmitter dongle set. What is it?


It basically consists of 2 dongles, one is a Bluetooth A2DP receiver with a stereo jack where you can plug in any normal headphones or speakers, etc. etc. The other is a Bluetooth A2DP TRANSMITTER with a stereo plug which you can plug into any standard audio output device.

I was more interested with the A2DP receiver and it paired easily enough with the phone, and within seconds I had music playing on the C730 and piping out of my portable speakers.

I was very satisfied with the solution... until I played a video and discovered the awful truth about the transmitter. THERE'S A DELAY!!! It's almost about a second... which makes it VERY VERY bad for videos since lips doesn't match up!!

Also.. seems like decoding both 480p video and audio and ENCODING audio so that it can be transmitted to the A2DP device is just too much for the puny 400Mhz processor in the C730.

So I thought it was because the C730 was not specialized in performing A2DP transmissions, so I used the Creative A2DP transmitter, plugged it into my DS Lite, and fired up Ouendan 2. Sure enough.. there's a half a second delay on the audio making it very VERY hard to play games with it.

So while it might work for music, this solution would never work for video.. Looks like I'm gonna have to get myself a real cable adapter if I want proper audio output from the phone.

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# Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Forgot to mention one thing about the C730, the other party comes over loud and clear and the phone transmits your voice VERY loud and clearly, my friends have already complained that it's deafening.. or maybe it's just the way I talk. :P

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So.. it's been a week since I gotten my new Dopod C730, time for a round up of how well the phone is doing for me.

The Good
The phone is slim and light, but it's wider than normal phones thanks to the errr.. I think people call it the BlackBerry design style. The 320x240 screen is bright and sharp, no worries of not being able to see stuff properly under the sun. The keyboard works well once you're use to pecking away at the small keys. HSDPA support is extremely welcomed when needed.

The Bad
In order to keep with the slim form factor the battery holds relatively little charge compared to what it needs to work well in a stressful enviroment. ie. Whenever the phone is fighting over wheter to use GSM or 3G. If I let the phone decide which network to use, the battery doesn't last half a day! (due primarily to the fact that in my office it keeps cycling between 3G and GSM, CONSTANTLY!) Switching the phone to be using ONLY GSM gives me about a day of battery life. I also hate the fact that the primary LED on the phone doesn't indicate missed calls, received SMSs, etc etc. by blinking a different color.

The 'I Still Don't Know If I Hate It'
The Joggr strip... at times it's good to know that when I use the Joggr strip to scroll through webpages and such it means that I am not putting too much stress on the DPad of the phone, since I pretty much worn out every dpad on all my previous phones. But I hate the fact that I accidentally scroll through something, or call up the Inbox, etc. etc. whenever I hold the phone.

The Damn! That's Ironic Bits!
The size and shape of the phone makes it a bit hard to hold when you're not used to it. Therefore I applied the anti slip eGrips in strategic places so that I can have a better hold on it. Even more ironic is that while I was applying the grips I dropped the phone! The screen is BLINDINGLY bright!!! And while you are not used to the thumbboard the most common mistake is to accidentally hit multiple keys at a time. :P

overall I'm still pleased with the phone, more on WM6 in a future post.

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# Friday, 22 June 2007

The first digital camera I ever gotten had this nifty trick which aided in to taking multiple images to form a wide panoramic image, though after taking said images I'd had to use another program to stitch it together since technology then didn't allow the camera to have enough memory to perform the stitching onboard.

It was a neat trick which I liked having around... and lo and behold... the new HTC camera program in my Dopod C730 also has such panoramic functionality!


Yes.. my place is a dump.. and, note the ghost images near the connection parts. To take good panoromic images it is essential that when you pivot to take the next picture, you pivot using the camera lens's center and not on your feet.

Why the fark am I interested in such old tech? Probably because I haven't seen it in use for a while and I'm getting nostalgic over what I used before and what is possible now.

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# Wednesday, 20 June 2007
Other than catching the PLAY! symphony my other objective while I was in Singapore was to get a new phone. The Dopod C730. And after hunting around a few clueless shops in Funan IT mall for a while where the best response I got from a shop was.. C730? Oh we don't have no C730? Then I pointed at the dummy unit in their display case then the guy goes.. OOOOOhhh.. THAT C730... Then he starts asking everyone in the shop about it and no one seemed to know the answer, while they were still questioning among themselves about the mythcial Dopod C730 I thanked them for their help and walked away to a shop IN FRONT of theirs.. and what do you know? They DO HAVE A C730!!!

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